Youth Ministries

 Youth Ministries is a bridging ministry of education, connection, formation, and hopefully, transformation while recognizing their gifts for ministry, their questions about spirituality, and their desire to make a difference in the world.

Adventist Youth Society

The Adventist Youth Society is a specialized ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that: (1) seeks to address the particular needs of young people in their own environment and respond to them as they are, and (2) to incorporate them into the fellowship of the church – a caring Christian community. All Nations Church has an Adventist Youth Society  that works for and through her youth to fulfill the mission of Christ.






Ambassador Pathfinders

The Pathfinder Club is for youth in grades 5-10 who want to discover their world and themselves. The Pathfinder organization is one that is worldwide: By being a part of it, youth can learn Christian values; develop self-discipline; make friends; enjoy safe and exciting adventures; and learn what teamwork is all about. Young people who join the organization also prepare for church and community responsibilities; cultivate courage, self-reliance, honesty, loyalty, and kindness; learn under the guidance of mature Christian counselors; acquire hobbies and skills; and grow in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.


Have you heard of the Christian Fellowship League (CFL)?
The Christian Fellowship League is a recreational program sponsored by the Lake Region Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist ( as a division of the Youth Ministries department.
The CFL was formed to provide a Christian-based organization that functions uniquely as an agency for the promotion of youth outreach and ministry, and for the maintenance, enhancement, and promotion of athletic competition with a Christian perspective.

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